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Childhood friends and founders Kevin Salerno and Aaron DiCaprio understand the difficulties of raising money. While growing up they belonged to many local sports teams and organizations and felt the constant push to raise money through means such as selling candy, wrapping paper or discount cards - even crates of grapefruit. Yep you heard it, grapefruit.

Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 2009, Kevin hoped to find a means to help others raise money for their causes while simultaneously raising money for MS - SupportLocalStuff was born! SupportLocalStuff donates a portion of its proceeds to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and earmarks the contributions for research.

We hope that all of our contributions can help in making a better life for those suffering from MS while helping individuals, teams, groups and organizations raise money and awareness for their stuff!

See and hear the founders talk about how SupportLocalStuff came about.

Meet Our Team

Kevin SalernoFounder

Kevin comes from an extensive software development background with over 17 years in the field designing and building enterprise applications and systems. Really likes cheese and along with his father taught Kevin Bacon how to play basketball for his role in the movie "The Air Up There". By reading this consider yourself one degree separated.

Aaron DiCaprioFounder

Aaron is an attorney and entrepreneur. He rode in his first century ride in 2012 while supporting the National MS Society. When not cycling, Aaron can be found engaging in other athletic endeavors and helping his wife raise their wonderful sons, aspiring Hall of Fame pitchers. Aaron was Herb the Verb in his fourth grade play and still knows all the words to his solo!

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