L.O.V.E Campaign


With L.O.V.E., we aim to bring awareness to the increasing instances of violence against women worldwide. 

This Valentine’s Day, donate to our campaign in honor of a loved woman in your life. Awareness campaigns like these not only bring sharper focus to the issue, but they bring us one step closer to gender equality worldwide.To join our efforts you can help us spread the word or you can make a donation. We will then send you an email requesting the information of the woman you would like to honor with this donation. There are three different levels of donation:
  1. For a donation of up to $25, we will send an e-card to your loved one.
  2. For a donation of $25-99 we will MAIL an actual card to the loved one.
  3. For anything more we will mail a card AND a Break the Silence shirt to the loved one.

100% of proceeds will benefit our projects to support female literacy at our school sites in Ghana and Pakistan. Of our 500 students, approximately 40% are female and many of them are fighting for the right to an education every day.

Education will help these girls demand respect, will help them to SPEAK UP for their rights and will help them to empower their families and communities.

Read young Shaheen's wish HERE


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Mustafa Khawaja
Amna Pamna
02/09/2014 4:39 PM


Sabeen Amanat & Ammaar Amanat
Congrats on reaching your goal! You all are doing incredible things. Well done.
02/09/2014 3:48 PM


Fariha Abrar

02/07/2014 7:58 PM


For all the strong and fearless women in my life :)
02/05/2014 11:04 PM


Parth Patel

02/04/2014 4:03 PM

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