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The AnA Project strives to provide outreach opportunities focusing on young and old alike. In Adult full care facilities, retirement and nursing homes many of the residents range in age from young adult to the elderly, and present a wide variety of both physical and mental challenges where bringing the arts spreads joy. De-funding of the arts in schools has left a creative void among our youth. The AnA Project seeks opportunities to reach these communities as well. The AnA Project is providing workshops in schools, camps and other venues to youths who wouldn't otherwise be exposed to the arts . Workshops teaching the arts, give participants a connection to their life and thoughts in a way that can be elusive through usual everyday activities. The AnA Project crosses the generational divide by providing workshops and performances by youth for the elderly and vs. versa. A care facility is committed to addressing the physical and mental needs of its residents however, once these needs are attended to, there is little to no funding for further programming … especially in the arts. Through this outreach, the AnA Project is able to bring performances and workshops with dance, music, and art to a community that would otherwise never have such an opportunity. No amount is insignificant! Thanks for your support.

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