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Emmett is a 5 year old boy living with Autism. Emmett will be entering CHOP in September. It will be an intense outpatient program, and he will be required to be there between 8am - 5pm Monday -Friday. He has been referred to the intense feeding and swallowing program that runs about 6 weeks. Although he appears to look like a typical 5 year old boy, his Autism had gained control of his health and our family will now take on another battle for Our Sweet Boy. The sensory issues that we continue to address in school, home and outpatient therapy, in regards to his eating habits, have taken over and we have exhausted the resources available to help him from our home. He is severely deficient in several vitamins. He is anemic and now bordering on diabetes. Supplementing would seem to be an easy solution to this, but Emmett's most severe sensory problems are directly related to taste, texture, color and objects near his mouth...he has never eaten food off of a fork or a spoon since infancy.  At the completion of the program, there will be a follow up period that could last as long as 1 year.  During that time, Emmett will need individual care during all home feeding and will be restricted from eating at restaurants and in the beginning...from our table during meal time.  

The entire process is overwhelming.  For the family, the beginning is most terrifying. Aside from pulling him out of kindergarten for 6 weeks, mom being away from her other two boys (also on the spectrum), and the constant fear that the family-run local business will need to continue on with absent owners during this time with Emmett, the financial burden has become more real than they would like to admit. So, for today...Please like and share the page. Donate if you can...every dollar helps!! 

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Curious about Emmett and the progress he has made? He is 2 weeks out of the program. He has a long way to go, but we are thrilled at the progress he has made to date. Check out Emmett's Journey on Facebook to read about his time at CHOP and what his home life is like now. Thank you again to each one of you who allowed Emmett to nuzzle his way into your heart. You all hold a very special place on Emmett's continuing journey to success!!!

  • 11/06/14 12:04 PM

Thank You!!! What started out as a campaign to help Emmett's family care for him through the feeding program has taken on a life of its own. The amount of support from family, friends and total strangers is proof that we are all part of something that is much bigger than we know. Long term care for Emmett, has always been a concern for his family. But definitely not one that they would have expected or imagined help with through this campaign. All donations received over the goal will be used for Emmett's care in the future. If you would like to follow Emmett's Journey, you can find him on facebook. A website is in the early stages of development and with the help of some amazing individuals, a foundation is in the works too. Thank you again for taking the time to read Emmett's story!

  • 08/06/14 1:15 PM

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Brandie Iampietro
I hope everything goes well and this helps Emmett to be healthier. Good luck!!!
09/11/2014 12:20 PM


John Pitzaferro
Friend of Lazaros Kalemis
09/09/2014 12:38 PM


John Vasiliou
Our prayers are with your family
08/29/2014 10:57 AM


Thoughts and prayers to you and your family.
08/22/2014 4:14 PM


Wendi Fretz

08/21/2014 1:16 PM

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